The Zelda Cosplay Project
The Zelda Cosplay Project is the adventure of cosplayer Camila Salazar and designer Marce Moya Ochoa.
The idea behind the project is to recreate classic scenes from the Zelda Series video games or promotional art in a photorealistic way, combining the talents of both: cosplaying and photography/ digital art.
The first image of the series, portraits Princess Zelda from A Link To The Past (SNES) in the Sacred Realms.
Zelda: Unretouched / Retouched
The image was inspired in this 1991 promotional illustration for the Super Nintendo game,
founded on The Legend Of Zelda: Art & Artifacts book (Dark Horse, 2017).
The Sacred Realms (Nintendo, 1991)
Photoshop Process
May the Triforce be with you ⚔️
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