Red Bull 
Soapbox Race 2020 Chile
The wackiest car race returns to Chile! Red Bull's Soapbox Race is back, and to promote it, we were tasked with creating an image that conveyed the spirit of this event: craziness, speed and fun.
We used several photos from events around the world to compose this image, keeping it within the realm of reality, giving the illusion of a real image taken in the right moment, rather than a cartoon or a 100% CGI/3D render.
Build up Video
Created at a speed of 4.5 hours/image, resumed in 60 seconds process video.
WIP Stages
Like a car una race, no image arrives at the finish line without a few pit stops!
Client: Red Bull Chile
Agency: Espinaca
Art Director: Camilo Castillo
Digital Artist: Marce Moya Ochoa
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