Pedigree: Arrivals
Ever wondered why your dog is so happy to see you when you get home? It's because time flows different for them,
so when you leave, even for a few minutes to do an errand, go to work or to the gym, for your dog feels like months have passed.
That insight lead to a simple but powerful truth: nobody in the whole world misses you like your dog... and that's why we love them.
Step by step process
Step by step process
Color sketch by Camilo Nuñoz
Color sketch by Camilo Muñoz
Initial sketch by Marcelo Moya Ochoa
BBDO Chile for Pedigree 
Executive Creative Direction: Jorge Muñoz, Marcelo Con
Creative Direction: Felipe Bobadilla Agouborde
Copywriting: María de los Ángeles Contreras
Art Direction: Marcelo Moya Ochoa, Andrés Cominetti
Photography: MCM Studio
Retouch: Víctor "Titín" Arancibia, Marcelo Moya Ochoa
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