Oveja Gaming
Visual ID
Oveja means sheep in spanish. It's also the nickname of Joel Serra, former pro-wrestler and now, game streamer.
To kick off his new persona, Oveja approached me for consulting on naming and visual ID. The name was pretty straightforward: he used to wrestle as The Black Sheep and all his friends know him as Oveja. Nice, simple, short and memorable. 
My initial idea for the logo was to make an O shaped like a sheep, and create a word mark with it, but didn't like the way it worked. I still liked the idea of making a simplified sheep with the forms, so I took the O and gave it a thick stroke and a full color fill. There was the sheep body. 
Next, I designed a stylized sheep head, in line with gaming logo codes, but without all the effects. Gave it red eyes, because this is one badass black sheep.
The two elements together, resemble a sheep looked from the front, and also act like a nice round contained logo.
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