Logos, branding and a little something extra
CNL Logo Collection 2017—2019

As the mightiest pro-wrestling company in Chile, CNL (Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre) strategy is very straight-forward: be the very best in every aspect of the business.

That strategy is very much thanks to it's branding and marketing efforts, that evolved from monthly, themed shows, to a steady weekly digital webseries.

As a partner and Head of Art of CNL, my task is to conceptualize each show as a new event, evolving the branding as we refreshed the visuals, adapting our brand to the theme of the show, striving to improve in every iteration and aspect that we can, with a team staff of talented collaborators.

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Client: CNL

Graphic design, logo, branding, typography, photography direction, 
retouching, post-production and audiovisual direction by Marce Moya Ochoa.
Vendetta logo animated by David Quiroz.
Wrestlers portraits shot by Claudio Ramírez Cid.
Shows concepts made with Jorge Salazar, Claudio Ramírez Cid and Felipe Bobadilla.

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